>Will Russian Submarine Alrosa Participate In Bold Monarch, Or Not?


Proud Manta 11 is not the only majorNATO naval exercise planned for this year in the Mediterranean.

Exercise Bold Monarch 2011, a majorNATO live submarine escape and rescue exercise will be in theMediterranean off the coast of Cartegena, Spain from 1-9 June 2011.Approximately 2000 participants will come from over 10 nations,including 3 partner nations and 1 Mediterranean Dialogue country.

During the exercise, three submarines,one each from the Netherlands, Norway and France, will be bottomed tosimulate sinking. Support personnel and equipment from Canada, FranceGermany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, TheRussian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United Stateswill work together to solve complex rescue and medical problems in avariety of demanding scenarios.

This last information contradics withnews from Russia. The Russian Website Rusnavy claims that RussianBlack Sea Fleet is preparing Kilo Class submarine Alrosa for thisexercise, although definitive decision has not been made yet. If thedecision is positive, the submarine would have to sail off Sevastopolearly in May to reach the Mediterranean Sea via Bosporus andDardanelles.

Considering that Bold Monarch is asearch-and-rescue exercise, several BSF salvage ships and tugs may alsopaticipate.

Will a Russian submarine realy take part in a NATO exercise? We will have to wait. Numbered days passes quickly says one Turkish proverb.


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