>NATO Is Preparing For Proud Manta 2011


The biggest NATO anti submarine warfareexercise Proud Manta (previously known as  NOBLE MANTA) will be conducted in the Ionian Sea to theSoutheast of Sicily between 4 – 17 February 2011.

Ten NATO nations, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States, will provide 6submarines, 19 aircraft (including ship based helos) and 8 surface ships.

According to NATO the aim of theexercise is to enhance the operational proficiency andinteroperability of the participating forces across a broad spectrumof potential tasks, roles and missions of the NATO Response Force(NRF). The exercise also provides a challenging operationalenvironment to test new doctrine, tactics; and equipment.Participants will practice the tactics and techniques currently beingused in ongoing NATO operations such as Active Endeavour and Ocean Shield as well as other war fighting skills to maintain the high levelof readiness expected of NATO forces.

Order of Battle for Proud Manta 11 is:

Surface Ships
F-930 BNS Leopold 1 Frigate Belgium
D-641 FS Dupleix Destroyer France
F-214 FGC Lübeck Frigate Germany
D-554 ITS Caio Duilio Destroyer Italy
A-5326 ITS Etna Replenishment Tanker Italy
F-575 ITS Euro Frigate Italy
A-5366 ITS Levanzo Tender Italy
DGG-55 USS Stout Destroyer USA

S-113 HS Proteus Type 209 / 1100 Greece
S-73 SPS Mistral Agosta Spain
S-524 ITS Longobardo Imp. Sauro Italy
S-354 TCG Sakarya Type 209 / 1400 Turkey
S-349 TCG Batıray Type 209 / 1200 Turkey
SSN-691 USS Memphis Los Angeles USA

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