>TCG Gaziantep’s Guard Duty Of MV Leopard Ends


TCG Gaziantep shadowing MV Leopard
Photo: NATO

According to Turkish General Staff, on 16 January 2010, TCG Gaziantep handed over theresponsibility of guarding and escorting MV Leopard to Italian frigate ITS Zeffiro.

MV Leopard was attacked by sea pirates 200 miles off the coast of Oman, after her security team has disembarked and the crew was taken as hostages. But unlike the previous hijackings the crew was transferred from MV Leopard to the pirate mother ship. But before being taken hostage the crew was able to disable the main engines.

MV Leopard was found by Turkishfrigate TCG Gaziantep, drifting abandoned in the ocean.

If I am interpreting this announcement correctly the tugs hired by the owner of MV Leopard Shipcraft A/S have not arrived yet, so the abandoned merchant ship must be still guarded.

One Response to >TCG Gaziantep’s Guard Duty Of MV Leopard Ends

  1. Steven Platt says:

    we have video and audio footage and photographs, to pass on to the family members if anyone is interested in the truth behind the MV Leopard hostage situation.

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