>UK – Turkey: Naval Industry Inward Mission (Part 2)

>So what about the future?

What can be expect from the up coming event promoting business to business relations between Turkey  UK?

One currently ongoing defence project is procurement of Sea Sentor reactive soft-kill torpedo defence system from UK company Ultra for Milgem class. Ultra, with its Turkish partner Koç Bilgi ve Savunma Teknolojileri is developing a torpedo counter measure system for Turkish Type 214 class submarines.

It is a known fact that BAE Systems Surface Ships, is very much interested in selling Type 45 air defense ship as whole or its components for the TF-2000 project. During the 3. Naval Systems Seminar, BAE SSS made one presentation about Type 45 destroyer. The presentation was dull and the presenter was unimpressive, so that I got the feeling that BAE Systems was not interesting in promoting their ships at that time. Later they did some spin doctoring for damage control. This shows that they mean business.

Thales Naval Electronic Warfare (ex Marconi) offer their Sealion ESM system for the mid life modernization project of Ay class (Type 209/1100) class submarines. Currently four of six submarines use the older generation DR 2000 ESM system from the same company.

Rolls-Royce is interest in supplying the main propulsion systems for the TF-2000 project independent from BAE systems bid.

A safe bet for a possible cooperation would be the LPD project. I believe that this project will receive green light towards the end of 2011 and Brits are in the game. Royal Navy participated to Egemen 2009 amphibious exercise, which can be regarded as a show case of various amphibious ships, with Ocean class LPH, Albion class LPD and Bay class LSD.

With the recently announced reductions in the Royal Navy, Britain can offer a buy one new and get one used for free/at reduced price type deal in Turkey’s LPD project.

I do not see much prospect of cooperation in different class of warships such as submarines, fast attack craft, mine hunters etc. expect for very specialized sub systems, sensors or weapons. The prize projects for UK companies are without the doubt TF-200 air defence frigate and docked amphibious ship. Whether UK companies can succeed in penetrating into a market they have long neglected and a market that has shrunk is size remains a major question mark.

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3 Responses to >UK – Turkey: Naval Industry Inward Mission (Part 2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    >First of all congrats for your great job. Almost make me proud to come across such a detailed and well sustained turkish origin defence blog.After your post i ran some search on the topic and find about the type 45 destroyer that's also mentioned possible future turkish possession instead of tf-2000 on some foreign blogs.She is a beauty without a doubt. still, is 150m long 7000nm ranged giant what Turkey needs? Does Turkey has maritime task forces in need of aerial defence on route to falkland? And what does Turkey needs to cover Aegean and eastern mediterrean? I admit that this size is comperable with similar task platforms from netherland and italy. Yet i crave for an experts view on the topic like yours.Thank you in advance!

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >Dear Anonymous,Thank you for your kind words. The events of M/V Leopard caused some distraction this week. As is Type 45 is designed specially for the operational needs, assessments and requirements of Royal Navy. I personally do not think that in post Milgem era Turkey will buy a warship of the shelf from abroad. But Turkish Navy needs an aerial defence capability for its task forces.

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