>A Busy Day For Coast Guard


M/V Sea Bright aground in Antalya.

Yesterady, the continuing storms in Mediterranean Sea casued two ships to run aground in Antalya.

The first was Bolivian flagged M/V Sea Bright en route from Tarsus port in Adana to Egypt. She had 18 people on board when she was driven into the rocks by the sea in Antalya town. 17 were rescued but the cook is still missing.

This is the video of the rescue operations for M/V Sea Bright, from The Telegraph.


The second ship that run aground was Bolivian flagged M/V Rand. She was driven into the rocks in Adrasan Bay, Kemer, Antalya. The crew of 9 was rescued by Coast Guard helicopter.

This is the official Turkish Coast Guard video

Hürriyet Video’larını izlemek için Flash 7 veya daha yüksek eklenti yüklenmeniz gerekmektedir. Yüklemek için tıklayınız!!!

var hm = new FlashObject(“http://webtv.hurriyet.com.tr/adplayer_new.swf”, “Hürriyet_Video”, “580”, “370”, “1”);hm.addParam(‘wmode’,’transparent’);hm.addVariable(‘FlashVars’, “&videoid=12064&vimage=http://webvideohaber.hurriyet.com.tr/Haber/kurtarma_gemi_17122010_0427_flv.jpg”);hm.write(“videoHolder”);

And this a map showing the approximate locations of the two shipwrecks.

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