>TCSG-312 Upgraded With A STAMP


TCSG-312 with a new STAMP

Turkish Coast Guard craft TCSG-312 seems to have a brand new STAMP installed.

STAMP is a remote-controlled Stabilized Machine Gun Platform developed by Turkish defense contractor ASELSAN.

This fast response boat locally know as MRTP-33 class, was designed and build by Turkish Yonca-Onuk shipyard. Although there are 13 similar boats in service. Previously only one of them TCSG-307 had a STAMP installed.

When commissioned in October 2008, TCSG-312 was armed with a 20 mm manually aimed automatic gun like the rest of her class. Today’s photo show that she has received a STAMP with (probably) a 12,7mm machine gun installed. The MRTP class boats can make 75 knots on calm seas and up to 60 knots on 3 sea force. It is impossible for anybody to stand on board  leave alone operating a gun. The STAMP was developed out of this neeed.

STAMP on Georgian patrol boat Sokhumi

Though made by a Turkish company the introduction of STAMP and STOP (Stabilised Gun Platform) into armed forces has been initially slow.
STAMP was exported to Georgia on board of a MRTP-33.

Two STAMP’s are installed on board of Milgem Class  F-511 TCG Heybeliada and following ships as close-in weapon system.

Two STAMPS are installed on P-1200 class New Type Patrol Boats against asymmetrical threats.

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