>A Maritime Security Center of Excellence Being Established For Turkey


A protocol was signed between Turkish General Staff, Department of Strategy and Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs for the establishment of Maritime Security Center of Excellence. (MSCoE)
According to the protocol the aim of the MSCoE is to create synchronization among all real or legal entities that contribute to maritime security.
Turkish General Staff, Turkish Navy, Turkish Coast Guard, National Police will constitute the executive board during the establishment period.
MSCoE will develop projects and provide decision making support about maritime security, maritime domain awareness, marine technologies, early warning issues.
The decision to create a Center of Excellence for Maritime Security issues is a major development. It is a clear and obvious sign that Turkey like many other maritime nations is focusing to the maritime domain and the opportunities and dangers its hiding.  It will take time for the MSCoE to establish itself as an accepted institution for maritime affairs but if it works as planed it can add much value to the over Turkish maritime policies.

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