>Seaforth World Naval Review 2011


The 2011 edition of Seaforth World Naval Review has been published.
Though it was launched just 3 years ago, it has established a good reputation among enthusiast, researchers and students of maritime issues.
For the first time, this edition has an 8 page chapter devoted to the current operations and ship acquisition projects of Turkish Navy and it was written by yours truly.
I am very exited to see my name to be listed as a contributor among some of the most influent and prolific writers on naval subjects such as Norman Friedman, Scott Truver, Mrityunjoy Mazumdar and Conrad Waters.
My contract with the publisher forbids me to publicize what I have written, here in my blog. But I can mention the highlights:
  • ‘G’ Class Frigate Modernisation
  • The Milgem Corvette Project
  • Coastal Patrol Boats
  • Coast Guard Search And Rescue Ships
  • Aip-Equipped Submarines
  • Amphibious Ship Acquisitions
I have enjoyed writing about Turkish Navy for Seaforth NRW very much, so I hope you will enjoy reading it.
The book can be bought from amazon.com or directly from Seaforth Publishing.

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  1. >Look forward to reading it!

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >And I look forward to hear your comments!

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