>Pakistan Assumes Command Of CTF-151


Photo from CMF

Today, with a ceremony on board of Royal Navy warship HMS Cornwall in UAE, Pakistan Navy Cdre. Abdul Aleem assumed the command of CTF-151, from Turkish Navy Rear Adm. Sinan Ertugrul.

This is the first time that Pakistan will lead CTF-151. Pakistan regularly contributes warships to CTF-150 and assumed the command of that task force several times.

“Given the importance of this region to international trade and the world economy, it could be argued that the problem of piracy has the potential to affect every individual on the planet,” said Rear Adm. Ertugrul, reflecting on his three months in command. Consequently, during my period of command it has been clear to me that international cooperation must underpin everything we do.

Ertuğrul stressed the constant awareness joint Naval forces must have to continue to be successful in their counterpiracy mission.

“Those who seek to commit piracy at sea have shown themselves to be resourceful and flexible, modifying their behavior as we frustrate their tactics,” he said. “Naval forces must therefore remain astute and adaptable. However, the pirates should know this — we are here to stay as long as is necessary.”

Currently, Australia, Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, the U.K. and U.S.
have warships in CFT-151.

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