>Turkish Bulker 26 Ağustos Attacked By Pirates


Turkish flaged bulker M/V 26 Ağustos was attacked by Somali pirates on 27 November 2010. The ship operated by Nemtaş Shipping company, was 200 nm east of Socotra islands when she was attacked.

Following the established best management practices, the crew send and emergency signal and locked themselves in a safe room.

An unnamed US Navy warship was dispatched to help the Turkish ship. The pirates who were on board left the ship when they were unable to reach the crew.

According to owner company, currently the US Navy warship is in the vicinity of M/V 26 Ağustos. She will proceed to her destination as soon as the paper word and other formalities about the unsuccessful attack are completed.

Ship photo by Wil Weijsters from Shipspotting.com and used in accord with that site’s terms.

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