>NATO’s Comments On Mavi Balina 2010


SNMG-2 in formation. Official NATO photo.

NATO released her version of exercise Mavi Balina 2010.

Antalya, Turkey. From 1 to 11 November the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2(SNMG2) took part in the Turkish exercise MAVI BALINA. This annual exercise aims to train units and staff in planning and conducting anti submarine warfare and submarine warfare and support their preparations for real world operations. During the 11 day period many assets were available for the exercise. Several submarines, airplanes and over 12 surface vessels from 6 different nations contributed to the success of the exercise.

SNMG2, commanded by Commodore Michiel B. Hijmans (Royal Netherlands Navy), formed one of the four task groups, providing the Turkish staff in charge of the exercise with a challenging and complex environment for their planning and command training.

After many hours of escorting ships through hostile waters and keeping the adversaries at bay, most of the units entered Antalya harbour for the final phase of the exercise. After the port visit SNMG2 will continue her efforts for Operation Active Endeavour during an East Mediterranean surge.

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