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The location of the attack according to Turkish General Staff

Turkish General Staff made an official declaration about the pirate attack to M/V 26 Ağustos.

The Turkish flagged M/V 26 Ağustos, operated by Nemtaş Shipping Corporation was attacked by sea pirates in Gulf of Aden while proceeding to Bangladesh.

The shipping company informed the attack to the Turkish Navy Operations Center. As a result of telephone contact with the ship it was reported that the crew was able to hide inside a safe room in the ships engine room during the attack. The Navy Operations Center informed the crew about further safety precautions to be taken.

The incident was immediately forwarded to the CTF-151, commanded by a Turkish Admiral and the nearest CTF-151 warship to M/V 26 Ağustos, USS Shoup was dispatched to the attacked ship.

The pirates left M/V 26 Ağustos when they cannot get the ship to their control, and the skiff, believed belonging to the pirates were suppressed by fire opened from the helicopter of USS Shoup and at the end the skiffs were driven away.

During the night USS Shoup maintained VHF communication with the crew of the ship still inside the safe room to ensure that there are no pirates remaining on board.

On 28 November 2010, at 08:30 hours, by the order giving from CTF-151, a security team from USS Shoup, boarded the M/V 26 Ağustos to secure the control of the ship and to protect the crew leaving the safe room, thus the control of M/V 26 Ağustos was established.

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