>Milgem Has Started Her Sea Trials

>What a beautiful sight.

The indigenous designed Turkish frigate F-511 TCG Heybeliada has started her sea acceptance tests (SAT)  on 2 October 2010 according to Turkish Navy.

For more photos and for a video click here.
Photo source: Turkish Navy


7 Responses to >Milgem Has Started Her Sea Trials

  1. Eagle1 says:

    >Nice looking ship!

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >Hi E1,Thanks. She is a beauty.

  3. >Saturn 5,A picture of Heybeliada appeared as an identification problem over at Grand Logistics. I linked your thread about the Milgem project within my answer identifying the new corvette. To me she is simply and clearly superior to the USN LCS-1 type.

  4. >Well duh,I should have provided the link to the thread at Grand Logistics…http://grandlogistics.blogspot.com/2010/11/ship-spotting_23.html

  5. >It would appear that Grand Logistics really, really likes the Milgem project corvettes as demonstrated with TCG Heybeliada.Littoral Combat Ships:A Brief Comparisonhttp://grandlogistics.blogspot.com/2010/11/littoral-combat-shipsa-brief-comparison.html

  6. Saturn 5 says:

    >Hi D.E.Reddick,Thanks for stopping by. I have read your comments at Mike's blog with great interest.I appreciate the links you have provided. The comparison that Grand Logistics did is eye catching.Regards

  7. >Saturn 5,I try to remember to stop by BNN every day.The Milgem corvette project appears to be producing a far more focused and yet balanced ship than the USN LCS program. I suspect that I'd far prefer having TCG Heybeliada as an escort for an ARG or convoy than any subsequent or evolutionary version of the USS Freedom (LCS-1) class of vessel (I'm not certain that it can truthfully be described as a warship).

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