>Mavi Balina 2010 Naval Exercise


A Gür class submarine, a possible participant

Turkish Navy is hosting a naval exercise in Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The invitation exercise Mavi Balina 2010 (Blue Whale 2010) has started today and will continue till 11 November 2010.

The aim of the exercise is to conduct submarine warfare and anti submarine warfare training with surface, submarine and air units.

From Turkish Navy, 3 frigates, 5 submarines, 2 corvettes, one replenishment oiler, a maritime patrol aircraft, three helicopters will take part in the exercise plus air force units. From NATO SNMG-2, consisting of F-802 HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën, F-207 FGS Bremen, F-465 HS Themistocle, F-583 ITS Aviere, F-244 TCG Barbaros will take part in the exercise with one unnamed Spanish frigate and a replenishment tanker.

That is a pretty mighty armada of 9 frigates, 5 submarines, 2 corvettes, 2 replenishment tankers plus air units, it is going to be a big exercise.

Any additional information about participating units is apreciated.

4 Responses to >Mavi Balina 2010 Naval Exercise

  1. Fernando says:

    >Just to your information, the HULL NUMBER of the FGS BRemen is F207 not F122 as you mention. You are confusing it with the calass number, because the Bremen Class is also calle 122 class !!!Anyway, you are doing a great job with your BLOG

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >Hi Fernando, thank you very much for the correction. I have found out that the hull number of the Greek frigate was wrong as well. In my defence I must say that I have copied this information from NATO's own webpage on SNMG-2. http://www.afsouth.nato.int/organization/CC_MAR_Naples/Factsheets/SNMG2/SNMG2composition.htm

  3. stefanos says:

    >Hello, do you have any information on the number of Turkish naval exercises per year?selamlar,stefanossroulakis@gmail.com

  4. Saturn 5 says:

    >Hi Stefanos,I do not have list of the exercises of the navy. But the important ones are repeated every year:1) Mavi Balina2) Nusret3) Deniz Kurdu4) Deniz Aslanı5) Deniz Yıldızı

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