>Finally The End Of An Odyssey: Papanikolis Commissioned

>Without much fanfare or big ceremony, Greek Navy commissioned its first Type 214 class submarine HS Papanikolis, 10 years after they have ordered it and 4 years after she was completed. The boat is expected to start her voyage to Greece in a couple of weeks.

Vice Admiral Dimitrios Elefsiniotis, Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff made the following speech

Your Excellency, Mrs consul, Bishop, Mr chairman, dear distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry if I forgot to mention someone else

It is my great pleasure to be addressing you here today at the commissioning ceremony and the hoisting of the Hellenic flag of Submarine HS Papanikolis, which is the first of the six type 214 submarines, while the rest are being constructed at the Hellenic Shipyards Skaramaga.

Today is a landmark in our effort to upgrade and renew our fleet, a constant and time consuming endeavor which, on days like today, is full of joy and satisfaction not only for the Hellenic navy’s personnel but also for the Greek people who watch their financial sacrifices being fully utilized, especially during such a difficult period of my country.

With the arrival of this submarine, a circle of events reaches its end, which during the last years, were characterized by difficult and tough negotiations, leading eventually to the utmost outcome for both parties. As a result, the Hellenic Navy by reinforcing and completing its armaments program, upgrading its operational capabilities, is even more in the position to execute any mission effectively and successfully fulfill all requirements and challenges on a professional basis.

The six submarines will be equipped not only with exceptional operational potentials but also with the well trained professional crew who have already great experience in submarines. All these submarines, then, will be ready to take over any kind of mission, not only within the Hellenic sea boundaries, but also throughout the Mediterranean sea or in any open sea around the world, if required.

All parties which have been involved in this program should feel proud and content for the excellent results they have achieved. Therefore concluding my brief speech, I would like to express my warmest gratitude to all those that have contributed to the successful completion of the construction and sea trials of the submarine Papanikolis.

I would also like to point out the help of our allies and friends in German Navy for providing their facilities as well as their excellent collaboration.

The Commanding Officer and her crew which will be soon fully manning the submarine, I urge they take advantage of their potential and execute their duties, continuing the Hellenic Navy tradition in which the Greek people trust. I wish they have fare well seas and St Nickolas protects them in every activity.

The emphasis is mine.

It is a very diplomatic worded speech as it does not mention any of the unsolved topics. The performance of Papanikolis was very much despised by Greek side in the last 4 years and during this period Greek Navy declined to accept the boat due its deficiencies. Now almost everything seems to be solved.

Not all the problems listed by Greek Navy during the initial trials are solved to the satisfaction of Greek Navy as the are detailed description of the additional tests which must be done when Papanikolis reaches Mediterranean. (Section B, Contact 012B/00, Annex B, Appendix 2 of the contract signed by TMKS, Abu Dhabi Mar, , HDW, HS and Greek Republic on 29 September 2010)

The issue regarding the submarines main armament is not solved either. Initially Greek Navy decided to use Italian Black Shark torpedoes. But this selection was cancelled in 2004 due to high cost of integration the Italian torpedoes into German combat system. Currently there are no announced acquisition plans for modern torpedoes.

Characteristics of Papanikolis:

Length overall
Length (PP)
Inner diameter of pressure hull
Mean draught (even keel)
Surface displacement
Submerged displacement
Fuel Cell Modules
2 x 120
Propulsion motor output at 150 rpm
Generators output , snorkeling at 1800 rpm
2 x 970
Main batteries
2 x 324
Operational depth
Test depth
Collapse depth
Submerged speed, battery
Submerged speed, fuel cell
Snorkeling speed
Surface speed, diesel
Submerged cruising range with battery
Submerged cruising range with fuel cell
Total submerged cruising range

Source: Article 2, Contact 012B/00, signed by TMKS, Abu Dhabi Mar, , HDW, HS and Greek Republic on 29 September 2010

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Very interesting post.is this contract text available online? I haven't managed to find it. Could I ask you for a link.BrgdsThomas

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >Thomas,The contract is available online. Go to http://www.et.gr and search for Law 3885 published on 29.09.2010.Regards,Saturn5

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