>TCG Gaziantep Replaced TCG Gökçeada As Flagship of CTF-151


According to Turkish Navy website F-494 TCG Gökçeada was replaced with F-490 TCG Gaziantep.
TCG Gaziantep will serve as the flagship of Read Admiral Sinan Ertuğrul, the commander of CTF-151 until 1 December 2010. This is the second deployment of TCG Gaziantep to the region.
TCG Gökçeada ran aground 20 day ago at Mombasa, Kenya. Although there has been no official information available neither from Turkish General Staff nor from Turkish Navy, the damage the frigate has received forced her withdrawal from the duty.
It is a shame that we have to learn such information from haters of my country who are drooling with schadenfreude. 

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