>New Photo Of Milgem


There is a new photo of MILGEM, which is quite interesting. It shows that there has been considerable progress in her construction.
  • The installation of her main radar Smart-S Mk2 seems to be completed.
  • The construction of the ARES-2N ES antennas located just below the Smart-S Mk2 seems to be completed as well. The complete system was developed by Aselsan.
  • The two STAMP, remotely controlled guns are installed at the both sides of the funnel.
  • Under the blue tarpaulin at the top of the helicopter hangar is the Mk-49 RAM surface to air missile launcher. The launcher is either currently being installed or the installation was recently completed.
  • Most importantly we can see the aft of the ship now. All photos of TCG Heybeliada since she was launched were showing her from bow on. But now we can see her aft. This means she moved and that further means that the harbor acceptance tests has been started.      

2 Responses to >New Photo Of Milgem

  1. Nutuk says:

    >Pitty that the Milgem does not have a 8 cell VLS launcher. The ship has everything, GENESIS BMS, 3D radar, stealth only missing is VLS what would make her much more versatile by a factor 2. To think about abilities to use ESSM, ASROC, Cruise missiles, etc.Anyway the navy has still time to change mind, instead of 8 Milgem + 4 TF-100, this can still become 4 Milgem + 8 TF-100.

  2. Mehmet Kale says:

    Stiffing a ship with missiles is not a wise decision. The 1942 Naval Battles of Pacific Theatre of War thought us that the ships must be designed for the worse conditions especially the nightmare of sailors: fires. By filling the ship with everykind of missiles and other ammunition types, the ship is prone to danger of explosion even with small scale fires. Ammunition of a ship must not take place of a great percentage of ship’s living space. Missiles for an 8 cell VLS + 8xHarpoon + torpedos must have been decided to be too much for a Heybeliada class 99 metre/2000 ton ship by the Turkish Navy.

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