>Papanikolis To Be Commissioned At Another Day


Papanikolis in Kiel

 I am starting believe why sailors are superstitious people. Some ships are really doomed or some are really cursed with bad luck from the start.

The submarine Papanikolis supposed to be handed over to the Greek Navy today. But it turned to be a no show. Despite what I said earlier.

Below is an announcement from Greek Defense Ministry about the ceremony:

“In recent implementation of Law 3885/2010 Mr Ministers of Finance and National Defence have signed a definitive agreement for the future of HSY and submarines of the Navy. The contents of the contract is a law of the state. Under the contract, the actions preceding the implementation date must be completed by October 22, 2010.

Original desire of the contracting parties was that this process be completed by October 14, 2010 and receipt of the submarine “Papanikolis” to be held on October 15, 2010 in Kiel. But it is not in fact possible and so the ceremony date will be determined for a time after the activation of the contract for which a contract have until October 22.

The Greek government has taken all actions concerning them and are always ready to receive the submarine “Papanikolis” which has been tested by the Navy and begin to pay the remaining installments of the purchase price of the submarines, as part of an agreed program payments. The relevant amounts have been transferred from the Treasury to MOD.

What is expected from the other side is the signature of the transfer of 75.1% stake in HSY by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems / HDW in Abu Dhabi Mar or related company (affiliated company) to be specified by the ADM, under the contract and n.3885/2010.

So she might be commissioned later this month if at all.

And even Papanikolis eventually gets it to active service in Greek Navy she will not have the punch it was invented for her.

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