>More On 3. Naval Systems Seminar

>I have written my previous post after my visit at the Naval Systems seminar late at night. Now after reading by good friend Arda Mevlutoğlu’s blog post about 3. NSS I have remembered a few more things. You should read his excellent blog as he attended the second day of the seminar as well.

1. TF-2000 will be the main AAW warship of the Turkish Navy. UDI is spending a lot of time for developing a feasibility document. For the preparation of this document:
a. Existing AAW capable warships of various navies were visited
b. 46 answers to the RfI send from 35 companies were studies for sub systems
c. TÜBİTAK and 17 local companies were briefed on potential weapon and sensor systems of the ship and these were requested to prepare the necessary R&D projects
d. 90 offers for sub systems were analyzed

The plan is to construct 4 of these ships. Currently the project model has not been determined as the feasibility studies. It will be the coming of age project for Turkish ship building industry.

2. UDI is supporting Turkish companies to co operations with foreign firms in the following sub systems:
a. Main propulsion
b. Vertical launching systems
c. Radar technologies
d. Sonar technologies
e. HVAC systems
f. Future weapon systems (laser guns, kinetic weapons etc.)

3. Rolls Royce is interest in supplying the main propulsion systems for the TF-2000 warships.

4. Havalsan is developing a combat management system for submarines. Whether this system will be available in time for the Type 214 is not clear yet but the system will be ready for the successors of Type 214

5. Havelsan is working on integration Mk48 Mod6AT torpedoes in to the ISUS combat management system. For this the Turkish company is working together with Raytheon and Atlas Electronic.

6. Thales Naval Electronic Warfare (ex Marconi) offers their Sealion ESM system for the mid life modernisation project of Ay class (Type 209/1100) class submarines. Currently four of six submarines use the older generation DR 2000 ESM system from the same company.

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