>First Fast LCT For Turkish Navy Launched


On 2nd October in Istanbul the first fast LCT for Turkish Navy was launched. The construction of Ç-151, the first ship of a class of 8 was started in January 2010.

ADİK shipyard was won the bid to produce 8 LCT’s for Turkish Navy and in June 2009, a contract was signed between SSM and ADİK. The exact value of the contract was not made public but it is estimated to be around 100 million EUR.

Specifications for the LCT’s:
Length o.a: 79,85m
Beam: 11,70 m
Displacement 1155 tons full load
Speed: 20kts
Range: 400 nm / 16 kts
Propulsion: 2 x 2320 kW
Weapons: 2 x 25mm; 1 x 12,7mm
Crew: 22
Cargo: 320 tons / 250 troops

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