>Turkish Submarine Rescued 3 From Burning Boat


On 30th September, Turkish submarine TCG Anafartalar, rescued 3 from a burning boat in the Eastern Mediterrean.

The submarine was conducting her planned exercises in eastern Mediterrean, when the motor yacht Marinel-1 made a distress call at 15 nautical miles south of Dalaman. Being the nearest vessel Marinel-1, 209 Type 1400 class, TCG Anafartalar proceeded to the stricken boat and rescued 3 people from the boat.

Two coast guard vessels one from Dalaman and one from Fethiye and one fast attack craft from Aksaz were rushed to the help of the burning boat but TCG Anafartalar was faster.

Being the vessels of stealth and cover, submarines do not rescue people on a regular basis. Thus the action of the commander of the submarine (I do not know whether the commander of the submarine required permission from the HQ but I suppose he did not) is in sprit of a true mariner. BZ.

Well the photo and the look on the face of the survivors tell more than 1000 words. The RHIB is tender to Marinel-1.

Original news release.

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