>TCG Amasra Taking Part In Olives Noires 2010


M-269 TCG Anamur, sister ship of TCG Amasra

The Turkish mine hunter M-266 TCG Amasra is taking part in naval exercise Olives Noires 2010 organized by French Navy. TCG Amasra is the Turkish contribution to NATO’s Standing MCM Group 2.

TCG Amasra was commssioned in 2005. She belongs to Aydin class mine hunters, is based on German Frankenthal Class (Type 332).

Contrary to the widely adopted use of GPR, these ships are made of non-magnetic steel. Thus the Turkish Navy became the second navy using non-magnetic steel in MCM ships, after German Navy.

The ship has 2 PAP-105 Mk5 mine counter ROV’s and Nautis-3M command and control system. The Type 2093 variable depth sonar is hull mounted and can operate up to 200m depth and 12 kts speed.

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