>Republic Of Korea Turned Over Command Of CTF-151 To Turkey

>The Combined Maritime Forces Public Affairs of US 5th Fleet released an article about the handover of the Command in CTF-151.

Rear Admiral Sinan Ertuğrul said, “Illegal activities such as piracy and armed robbery are not only a threat to global maritime commerce, but also have disruptive effects on the freedom of navigation, which is directly linked to maritime security.”

“CTF-151 will continue its crucial role to enhance maritime security and to secure freedom of navigation in support of United Nations Security Council Resolutions,” said Ertuğrul.

Ertuğrul added that, “with indispensible support from CMF HQ, I am sure that my distinguished international staff from Turkey, Canada, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and the U.S., and my flagship TCG Gökçeada, will represent the very best of their nations toward the achievement of our common objectives of security and peace in this deployment

For the full text click here.

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