>August 2010 Activation of Blackseafor

>On 14th August 2010, the second activation period for the cal-on naval task force BlackSeaFor has begun in Constance, Romania. Romania will take the command of the BlackSeaFor from Bulgaria, for one year.

This activation of the task force will continue till 30th August. The ships will spend 12 days in port and 8 days under sail. The warships deployed in the Black Sea will visit the ports of Constanta, Varna and Sevastopol.

Ships Name
Turkey TCG SALİHREİS Frigate
Bulgaria BGS PRIBOY Mine counter measure
Romania ROS MARASESTI Frigate
Russia RFS YAMAL Landing Ship, Tank
Ukraine UPS CHERKASY Mine counter measure

According to Turkish Navy following exercises and operations will be conducted:

  • The prepared concepts for peace support operations, NBC defense and rules of engagement will be tested
  • Joint training with Turkish warships in Operation Black Sea Harmony will be conducted
  • Installation and usage of FORESC communication system between the participating ships will be tested. The FORESC system developed by Tubitak in cooperation with Turkish Navy enables ship to ship communication and data sharing by using a IP over HF transmission in NATO standards.
  • Navigation and communication trainings will be executed and tactical maneuvers will be performed
  • Search and rescue training will be done

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