>Russian Submarine Alrosa Back To The Sea


© RIA Novosti. Igor Chuprin

This is an interesting coincidence. Little did I know when I wrote almost one week ago that the operational status of Russian submarine Alrosa was doubtful.

Today the Russian news portal RIA Novosti ran an article about that submarine. It seems that the repairs work is finished and the submarine is back at the sea again for trials.

She had fire broke out in her engine department in November 2009 and she was in dry dock for the repairs ever since.

The Alrosa (originally Varshavyanka), a Kilo-class Project 877 diesel submarine, entered service in December 1990. It was renamed Alrosa in 2004 after it was “adopted” by Russia’s largest diamond company of the same name.

She is the only submarine in active service with the Russian Black Sea Fleet. It is based at a Russian naval base in Sevastopol on Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.


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