>Order Of Battle For Exercise Sea Breeze 2010


The exercise Sea Breeze will end today. But finally I was able to find the names of (almost) all participating ships:

US Navy:
FFG-50 USS Taylor, frigate

Turkish Navy:
F-240 TCG Yavuz, frigate
P-330 TCG Kılıç, missile boat
P-331 TCG Kalkan, missile boat

Ukrainan Navy:
U-402 Konstantin Olshansky, landing ship
U-401 Kirovograd, landing sahip
U-311 Cherkassy, minesweeper
U-331 Mariupol, minesweeper
U-360 Genichesk, minesweeper
U-206 Dnieper, frigate
U-209 Ternopil frigate
U-705 Kremenets, tug
Plus 3 unidentified border guard ships.

Special Thanks to: Dave Shirlaw.

Sources: Here and here.

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