>Sea Breeze 2010

> The exercise Sea Breeze 2010 is about to begin in Ukraine this week. The annual exercise Sea Breeze was usually held as a bilateral organization where Ukraine and the United States are the main participants. Other countries are invited as necessary.

This year’s main focus will be fighting sea piracy. The exercises will involve about 1,000 Ukrainian servicemen and almost 500 servicemen from twelve countries – Azerbaijan, Belgium, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Moldova, Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Sweden and the United States. The exercises will be held until July 23.

According to various news portals, there will be a land phase of the Sea Breeze drills, which will focus on fighting sea piracy, will be held at a military training area in the Nikolayev region, while the sea drills will take place in northwestern Black Sea.

I find it interesting that a military exercise that has fighting sea piracy as its main focus will have a land phase. What will be exercise in this phase? Landing marines to the shores of a pirate territory and fight them on land? Doesn’t it sound a little bit far stretched?

I was not able to find more information about the naval units taking place in the Sea Breeze. Some reports mention about three dozen warships and cutters.

From Turkish Navy, the frigate F-240 TCG Yavuz and fast attacks boats P-330 TCG Kılıç and P-331 TCG Kalkan will take part in the exercise.


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