>Turkish Naval Task Force Returns Home


On 5th July 2010, the four frigates and one replenishment tanker composing the Turkish Naval Task Force will return to their home port Aksaz.

They have been away since 5th May. This is the first time that Turkish Navy organized a Task Force and made it cruise the Mediterranean.

The task force did more than just sailing up and down the Mediterranean and exercising with other navies. 10 ports have been visited. In some cases the task force was divided to increase the number of the cities visited.

On the photo left the people of Cartagena, Spain are receiving the full swing of Turkish Navy Band.

This cruise increased the awareness of the people around the Mediterranean about Turkish Navy. There are dozens of articles in newspapers about the Task Force and its visits. Man

The purpose of this cruise is very much consistent with the objectives of Turkish Foreign Ministry, to influence the perception of people about Turkish and Turkish Armed Forces, living in the visited countries.

The visited countries and the omitted once are very indicative and consistent. Spain and Italy were visited but the one country in between, whose president won his election on anti Turkish policies was omitted. Algeria, Tunis and Egypt were visited but Libya and Israel were not. (Mind that the cruise and its preparations were started well before the Mavi Marmara incident)

There some of course who might consider such activates of Turkish Navy as a threat. Turkey is becoming a sea faring nation with every passing year and is starting to exercise its naval force for non combat operations. And showing the flag and increasing the awareness of others about us is one of the best missions a navy can do.

In addition to the citizens of Cartagena, Turkish naval band swing at the people of Bar, Durres and Tunis too.

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