>The Resurrection Of The Russian Black Sea Fleet

>Эй, ухнем!
Эй, ухнем!
Ещё разик, ещё да раз!”

All together!
All together!
Once more, once again, still once more

The famous “Ei Ukhnyem”, or “The Song of the Volga Boatmen” starts with a deep, slow and heavy chorus, slowly increasing in tone. It is a motivational song, helping the exhausted Burlaks endure the burden, struggle more, once again, once more. Just like the well known painting with the same name, “Ei Ukhnyem” is the symbol of doggedness, struggle and slow-but-strong steps forward. The struggle for Volga, for keeping the boats afloat in Volga and for pride.

As is the case with Черноморский Флот, the Black Sea Fleet.

Formed in late 18th Century, Black Sea Fleet is responsible from the naval operations in Black Sea Region and Mediterranean Sea, especially Eastern Mediterranean. The strength, both in terms of manpower and equipment, decreased dramatically right after the collapse of the Soviet Union, followed by disputes between Russian Federation and Ukraine on the ownership and status of the primary base of the fleet at Sevastopol. However, the rising geopolitical importance of the Black Sea as a gateway between Europe and Caucasus & Central Asia, forced Russia to focus much of its military modernization efforts on its forces in the region. Thus, to secure vital interests on energy transfer, regional influence and hegemony on the hinterland of former Soviet states, Russian Federation is now on the process of resurrecting the once venerable Black Sea Fleet.

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