>Israel Boards, Turkish Ship Heading To Gaza: At Least 10 Death (UPDATE-1)

>Israeli soldiers boarded Turkish Comoros flagged M/V Mavi Marmara, heading to Gaza. According to first media reports at least 10 people have died during and after of the boarding. The boarding happened at least 40 miles away from the shore.

M/V Mavi Marmara was bought by Turkish humanitarian aid group and was delivering cargo to Gaza strip.

According to Turkish law, a Turkish flagged ship is considered a national territory of Turkey. Thus strictly from legal standpoint this boarding of Israel can be considered as a direct attack to Turkey.

There are many confusing and contradicting news around at the moment. But for me one thing is clear. It will be a long hot summer in the East Mediterranean and Turkish – Israeli relations will not recover for a extended period.

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UPDATE: It turns out that M/V Mavi Marmara may not be under Turkish flag after all. She seems to be registrered to Union of the Comoros. In that case it was not a Turkish ship that Israeli commandos have strormed. This won’t bring the death back to life  but will shed a different light to the whole incident.

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  1. Kobus says:

    >Gaza Flotilla Attacked: Israeli troops storm aid ships, up to 20 killed | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZenysNLAfc8

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