>Turkish Naval Task Force Sailed Away From Marmaris

>The Task Force that Turkish Navy organized has sailed away from its homeport of Aksaz, Marmaris.

Four frigates and a replenishment tanker will sail for the next 60 days in international waters of Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. According to the schedule released by Turkish Navy, the task force will spend 40 days in sea. 20 days will be spend by visiting harbors in Tunisia, Algeria, Spain, Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania and Egypt.

There is a video from CNN Turk, a Turkish affiliate of CNN.

Gist: Kemalreis, Turgutreis, Gaziantep, Giresun, four elite frigates of Turkish Navy will spend the next 60 days will show the Turkish flag in the international waters. The aim of the Turkish Task Force is to establish and maintain security and peace in international waters. Together with replenishmen ship Akar, the five ship strong task force has left its homeport today.

The frigates that will operate in Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea were equipped with modern weapons.

The frigate Kemalreis has the latest weapons. The track radar behind me tracks the target while the gun that can fire 3000 round per minute destroy the target.

Turkish warships will be managed by GENESIS (Gemi Entegre Savas Idare Sistemi), developed by Turkish Naval Research Center Command.

One of the specialties of our ship is that she has been equipment with indigenously command and control system. Everything you see in this CIC has been designed, produced and installed in Turkey. We have been testing this system for the last 1,5 – 2 years in various occasion. It provides us many improvement over the old legacy system.

The Turkish warships will visit many foreign harbors before the task force returns on 5th July.


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