>Turkish Warships To Participate in Air Force Exercise

>Four warships of Turkish Navy will take part in the major air force exercise. Turkish Air Force operates in Konya a big training facility where Turkish Air Force and participating air forces of other nations can simulate any kind of air to air or air to surface combat operations.

The exercises held in Anatolian Eagle Training Center are realized in close-to-real war environment. The big plus of this training center is the complex Command Control Center, in which the information (location, position and flight information) of aircrafts, which are transferred through ACMI (Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation), can be observed in real-time. The tracks detected by AWACS and land radars and real-time searching, locking and shooting images of SAM and anti-aircraft systems can be observed. Also the MASE (Multi Aegis Site Emulator) Operation Center, Anatolian Eagle sorties and daily base flights are controlled and commanded here.

The training area of Turkish Navy in eastern Mediterranean is believed to be integrated the existing monitoring and tracing systems in AETC. This integration will enable participant air forces to simulate various anti ship mission, where as the participating navies can train how to protect themselves against the air treads.

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