>Old, Rusty And No More Dangerous.


The mine that washed up to the coast of Karasu was destroyed by Naval EOD teams.

As reported earlier an old and rusty object was found on the beach by locals. After positively being identified as a mine, the Navy decided to destroy it.

The Naval Special Forces EOD teams cleared the sand around the mine and with help of an excavator the mine was lifted to a RHIB.

It was taken approximately one and half miles off the shore, where the EOD divers sunk the mine to the sea floor. Later it was by demolition charges.

The mine was a German one. The weight of the mine was 1000kg, 300kg of that was the warhead.

She is from the wreck of the sunken German submarine U-20 It is difficult to classify it mine form the pictures but it looks like a Type II mine to me. But I am no expert. The fact that it can be still dangerous after all these year is awfull.

Photos from: Haberler.com and Karasu Medya

2 Responses to >Old, Rusty And No More Dangerous.

  1. Anonymous says:

    >It can't be the U-20. U-20 is the boat that sunk the RMS LUSITANIA in 1915. It went aground on the Danish coast and was destroyed by its crew.

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >This is U-20 from the World War 2, as far as I know.

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