>New Patrol Boat Of Turkish Navy Launched

>Yesterday the first boat of the New Type Patrol Boat class was launched. As the boats are not officially commissioned they do not have a class names yet, neither does the boat.

The boat P-1200 was laid in May 2008 and she is the first of a class of 16 boats. In August 2007, a contract was signed between SSM and Dearsan Shipyard to build 16 New Class Patrol Boats for Turkish Navy. These boats will conduct patrol, security and ASW duties in and around important harbors, bases and at their approaches. They will replace the older patrol boats, now nearing the end of their service life. In 2011 and 2012, 3 boats per year, in 2013 and 2014, 4 boats per year will be launched. The last one will be launched in 2015.

These boats will be armed with one Oto Melara twin 40 mm L70 Compact gun mount and two remote-controlled 12.7 mm stabilized machine guns in addition to a ASW mortar. The ASW mortar and the remote controlled guns are product of ASELSAN.

Just like in MİLGEM project a high degree of local content is an important aim for the project management. The main foreign content will be around %40 of the project. It will include the main engines (MTU), ASW sonar (Simrad) and main gun (Oto Melara). One of the main local content will be the combat management system. Havelsan, as the primary contractor is responsible for the creation of scaled down version of the GENESIS combat management system for this type of boats and to integrate the sensors.

According to Prime Minister Erdoğan the cost of the 16 boats is 402 million euros. That makes 25.125.000 euros per boat. If the cost of the subsystems and armament are included to that prices is not clear.

Photo from user Avcı of Savunma ve Strateji forum. Used with permission.

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