>April 2010 Activation of Blackseafor

>The On-Call Naval Force of Black Sea navies BlackSeaFor will be activated on 9th April in Turkish town Ereğli on Black Sea. Bulgaria will command this activation. The next activation will be in August 2010 and will be commanded by Romania.

The following ships will take part in the activation:

Bulgaria: Frigate, BGS Verni
Romania Corvette, ROS Horia Macellariu
Russia: LST, RFS Tsezar Kunikov
Ukraine: Command ship, UPS Slavutich
Turkey: Frigate, TCG Yıldırım

During this activation period the Blackseafor ships will conduct a search and rescue exercise in liaison with the ongoing Turkish Deniz Yıldızı 2010. The Blackseafor ships will also conduct navigation, tactical maneuvers and communication training. The communication training will include installation and usage of FORESC system. FORESC enables ship to ship communication and data sharing by using a IP over HF transmission.

There will be air defense training with Turkish Air Force units and joint training with elements of Turkish Navy Participating in Operation Black Sea Harmony

The task force will also visit Ereğli, Varna and Constance.

April 2010 activation will end on 27 April.

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