>TCG Gelibolu Rescues Indian Dhow

>On 3 April 2010, F-493 TCG Gelibolu spotted a dhow 75 miles off the shores of Yemen, inside The IRTC. This dhow previously fired upon the Danish flagged, Torm Ragnhild, in an attempted hi jack. The Turkish frigate forced the pirates out of the IRTC by maneuvering and warning shots. She started to chase the dhow.

The dhow indentified as the Indian fishermen Wsf Safina Al Gayatri. She was hijack by pirates to be used as a mother ship two days ago. On 4 April 2010, the 8 strong pirate crew abandoned the Indian dhow inside the Somalia territorial waters and ran to the land. After the pirates left the dhow the naval special forces team from TCG Gelibolu boarded the boat, to provide provisions and medical help to the 21 Indian crew.

This time the pirates were able to run away to attack another time. But the relentless pursuit of the Turkish frigate and the deterrence it had displayed helped the rescue of the Indian fishermen unharmed. The presence of TCG Gelibolu also saved Torm Rangnhild from a possible hijack.

The offical story is here.

And for me the latest two events that counts.

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