>Lest We Forget: TCG Dumlupınar

>On 4 April 1953, Swedish freighter Naboland collided with Turkish submarine TCG Dumlupınar. She and her sister boat TCG 1. İnönü were returning from NATO exercise Blue Sea. At 02:15 in the morning Naboland rammed TCG Dumlupınar from starboard forecastle just aft of the forward diving planes. The submarine rolled to port with force of the impact and sunk immediately. 5 submarines that were at the sail at the time of the collision survived. Rest of the crew 81 men, were trapped inside. She sunk at the narrowest point of Dardanelles at 85 meters. Submarine rescue and salvage ships were rushed from Gölcük after the incident but all efforts to reach the submarine by divers failed cause of very strong water currents.

22 sailors trapped in the aft torpedo compartment were able to release the submarine’s sunk buoy. Rescuers above the water tired to give hope and moral but time was an enemy. The last words from the sumbarime, before the currents tore the cable of bouy were: For our country.

Since that fatefull day, on every 4th of April we remember those that have a watery grave were no rose will grow.

CNNTurk has an article and a video

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  1. Did the Government of Sweden ever paid any indemnisation for the sinking of the Dumlupinr to the Government of Turkey?

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