>Russia Is Helping Ukraine To Maintain A Submarine


Ukraine’s sole submarine the Foxtrot (Project 641) class Zaporizya has entered into a dry dock for an overhaul in February. According to photos she needs the overhaul badly. Press Trust of India reported that Russia will help Ukraine to ensure the technical maintenance of the  submarine.

“We are stepping up our work. We received an application of our Ukrainian partners on the technical maintenance of the submarine, which they repaired and which is going to be put to use,” Vice Admiral Oleg Burtsev, first deputy chief of the staff of the Russian Navy, said.

It is an unexpected gesture from Russia. The relations between the tho countries were in an low ebb after Russian Black Sea Fleet, stationed in Sevastopol, Ukraine took part in the Russian Georgian War of 2008.

May be the Russian help is just a gesture of goodwill to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich who has dismissed the country’s head of naval forces Admiral Igor Tenukh.

President Viktor Yanukovich dismissed Tenyuh from his position for ordering Ukrainian naval vessels to block the entrance of the Russian navy to the bay of Sevastopol, in response to the Russian Georgian War of 2008.

I am sorry to say that but Zaporizya is a very old bout in a very bad shape and with a very little life left in her. Thus the price Ukraians are paying to Russia for the maintenance of that old boat seems to be too much. But Russians arte god at such deals. Ask the Indians who are paying dearly for the Admiral Gorshkov


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  1. >I'm not trying to be arrogant here but I think Russia is not the very best choice to provide submarine maintenance & repairs, especially taken into account that the country's sole submarine in the Black Sea Fleet is inactive following an accident.

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