>Ay Class Submarines To Get A Bigger Punch

>Ay (Type 209/1200) class submarines are the oldest boats currently in service. The oldest one was commissioned 34 and the newest one 20 years ago.

When Type 214 class was chosen as the new submarine for the Turkish Navy the most obvious question was what to do with old Ay class boats. A few plans have been circulating such as to cut the Ay class submarines in two and insert one AIP section just like TMKS has done with the now abandoned Neptune II project to Greek submarines. However, such an expensive modernization program did not economically made sense considering the remaining service life these old boats have left in them.

Now a new modernization project for the Ay class has emerged. The oldest two boats will be decommissioned as soon as the first Type 214 submarines enter into fleet. The periscope, ESM / ECM and communication system of the existing boats will be upgraded. In order to keep costs down a modern purpose built Underwater Command and Control System integration is not planned in the project. These old boats are going to get some might punch though. It is planned to modify four of the torpedo tubes so that they can use Mk48 ADCAP Mod6 AT heavy weight torpedoes.

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