>TCG Dolunay in Albania

>Type 209 class, Turkish submarine S-352 TCG Dolunay docked at Durres, Albania for a two day long visit.

TCG Dolunay was one of the two Turkish submarines that participated in NATO’s annual ASW exercise Noble Manta 2010.

A submarine is an interesting selection for a good will visit vessel. Submarines look uninteresting and dull from the outside and are not equipped to carter large crowds. A frigate is more impressive as a tool of soft power. On the other hand the only Turkish frigate that took part in Noble Manta 10 (and the nearest to the area) F-497 TCG Göksu is heading to Turkey in order to be relived by F-493 TCG Gelibolu, before SNMG-2 sails to Gulf of Aden as reported.

TCG Dolunay, will stay in Durres for two days. According to news reports there will be some naval exercise between Turkish and Albanian navies and mutual visits of naval officers.


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