>SNMG-2 Is Heading To Gulf Of Aden Again

>There is no word about it yet on NATO’s official pages, but SNMG-2 is heading to Gulf of Aden again, says Turkish Navy.

F-493 TCG Gelibolu will join SNMG-2 and will head for Gulf of Aden. She will leave her homeport Aksaz, Marmaris on 5th March 2010 Friday.

SNMG-2 will be on patrol off Somalia from March till August 2010.

The main missions of SNMG-2 will be:
• to reconnaissance, surveillance and enforcement activities against piracy and sea banditry and to provide deterrence
• to provide safety of merchant ships against sea banditry attacks, if necessary
• to contribute to the formation of a secure environment of the prevention of sea banditry and to foster regional security
• to ensure the safety of humanitarian aid ships if requested
• to show, Alliance’s, power in the struggle against threats to international security, stability

Other warships in SNMG-2 are ITS Scirocco, from Italian Navy, USS Cole from USN, FGS Spessart from German Navy and HS Limnos from Greek Navy. She is also the flagship of the task force.

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