>Noble Manta 2010 Has Ended

>Every good thing must come to an end. So did NATO’s biggest ASW exercise Noble Manta 2010 ended on 24th February 2010 Wednesday.

Noble Manta 10 has allowed practicing – with excellent results – potential missions to be conducted as part of the NATO Response Force, to include conducting multi-dimensional ASW in a simulated emerging crisis, when the submarine threat must be managed without immediate use of force.” Vice Admiral Maurizio Gemignani, Commander Allied Maritime Component Command Naples said.

According to NATO’s official statement, differently from previous editions, during the last cycle of Noble Manta 10 surface units returned to port so as to create a ‘quiet’ environment in which submarines and aircraft were left alone in coping with a submarine threat, as it may happen in a precursor operation, when military ships are not present yet. Another ‘first’ was the enhanced ‘free play’ period during which commanders where able to take individual decisions on how to conduct the assigned mission.

NATO’s final statement is here, and here are photos from the participants.

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