>TCG Gemlik Will Visit DIMDEX

>TCG Gemlik, the current Turkish contribution to CTF-151, will make a short visit to Qatar between 29 and 31 March. The reason for this visit is not only R&R. During this time DIMDEX 2010, the only specialized maritime defence exhibition in the Middle East, will be held in Doha.

TCG Gemlik is an excellent choice. She is the first ship that received the GENESIS upgrade. And GENESIS has a good sale potential. Bahrain using 2 1 and Egypt using 4 Perry class frigates are potential customers for the GENESIS. I bet naval officers from these two countries will be visiting TCG Gemlik and observing the full capabilities of GENESIS.

But GENESIS is not the only export product Turkey will offer at DIMDEX. A large Turkish group including, ARES Shipyards, Dearsan, Düzgit, Elektroland, ETC-IS, Gate Elektronik, Genetlab, Havelsan, Istanbul Shipyard, Ka-Tron, Meteksan, Milsoft, STM, Uyar Sirketler Grubu, Yakupoglu and Yaltes led by the Under-Secretariat for Defence Industries (SSM), will be exposing their products and services in the first Turkish National Pavilion at the Doha Exhibition Centre.

Update: Corrected the number of Perry’s in Bahrain Navy. Thanks to an anonymous commenter.

2 Responses to >TCG Gemlik Will Visit DIMDEX

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Minor Correction. Bahrain only has one Perry: Sabha (F-90) (former USS Jack Williams FFG-24)

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >Duly corrected my mistake. Thanks.

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