>NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 2 Is Visiting Algeria

>According to NATO, the Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 2 (SNMCMG2) will visit Algiers, Algeria, from 09 to 11 February, as part of this year’s Port Visit Programme, to increase friendship and understanding between NATO and Algeria.

It is hoped that with this visit the cooperation between NATO and Algerian navy will increase. Algeria is a member of NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue Program.

The SNMCMG2 ships visiting Algiers are:
• ITS Granatiere, Support and Command ship, Italian Navy (Flagship)
• HS Kalipso, Minehunting Vessel, Greek Navy
• ITS Termoli, Minehunting Vessel, Italian Navy
• SPS Turia, Minehunting Vessel, Spanish Navy
• TCG Edremit, Minehunting Vessel, Turkish Navy
• FGS Groemitz, Minehunting Vessel, German Navy

But do not get fooled by the photo, put on the NATO’s press release. That is photo is obviously old. The pennant number for ITS Termoli is M5555. The Italian minehunter on the photo far right has the pennant number M5560 that is ITS Chioggia’s number. On the far left you can see to similar ships. One is the German minehunter the other one is Turkish. Both navies operate very similar ships based on Type 332 class. But the Turkish minehunter mentioned in the press release is TCG Erdemli which is a E (Circé) class ship bought from France. And she has a totally different appearance.

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