>Russian Black Sea Fleet To Get New Warships

>The Russian news portal RIA Novosti reports that two new corvettes and three conventional submarines are to join the Black Sea Fleet by 2015.

“In line with the approved shipbuilding program and armaments program until 2015, the Black Sea Fleet is to receive two frigates and three diesel submarines,” the admiral said, stressing that he indeed meant frigates, which are capable of traveling much longer distances than corvettes.
“We need to realize that the Black Sea Fleet’s responsibility zone is the entire Mediterranean and not only the Black Sea. Besides, Russia’s Navy… faces the task of fighting piracy off the Horn of Africa,” said an unnamed admiral according to RIA Novosti.

I find it hard to believe that there will be additions to the Russian Black Sea Fleet in 5 years, given the fact that Russia is playing with the idea of purchasing warships from France. The return of the sole Russian submarine the Kilo Class Alrosa back to the fleet will be a big occasion alone. She suffered a major breakdown back in November 2009 and she had to be towed back to the port.

The latest announcement of the nameless admiral seems to have more political context than military just before the tomorrow’s presidential elections in Ukraine.

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