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>According to Ares Defence Technology Blog of Aviation weekly, Turkey is installing Smart-S Mk2 3D medium-range surface radars on a total of 10 of its warships.

In cooperation with the radar’s producer, Thales Nederland, Turkish defense electronics company Aselsan will manufacture the radar under license for eight upgrades of existing ships and one new-build MILGEM. Thales Nederland already sold its first Smart-S Mk2 to Turkey in 2007, also for a MILGEM

The cooperation between the two companies, which also includes a Sting EO Mk2 system and subsystems from Thales, involves building the first three Smart-S Mk2s at Thales Nederland in Hengelo and the remaining six at Aselsan in Ankara.

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  1. Mehmet Kale says:

    Excluding the 2 radars for the Milgems, the remaining 8 radars are the issue that puzzles me. Let me numerate them to make things clear.
    1) Some claim 8 of the radars will be installed on Perries.
    2) Some claim 4 of the radars will be installed on 4 Perries (F494, F495, F496, F497) whereas 4 radars will be installed on Barbaros class frigates (F244, F245, F246, F247)
    3) Some claim 4 of the radars will be installed on 4 Perries (F494, F495, F496, F497) whereas 4 radars will be installed on Yavuz class frigates (F240, F241, F242, F243)

    Which one is correct? In my opinion best choice will be the installation of 8 of the radars on 8 Perries. It is true only 4 Perries (F494, F495, F496, F497) will have ESSM capabilities but all has SM-1 capability and in my opinion a 3-D air search radar will improve the SM-1 capabilities of F490, F491, F492, and F493.

    • Some claim 4 of the radars will be installed on 4 Perries (F494, F495, F496, F497) whereas 4 radars will be installed on Barbaros class frigates (F244, F245, F246, F247)

      This is the right one. It would be a waste to use these radars on ships without ESSM capability.

  2. Mehmet Kale says:

    While designing the North Carolina and South Dakota class battleships, US officials focused on countering the Japanese Kongo class fast battlecruisers with a 30.5-31 knots top speed. But they could not predict the real top speed of the Kongo class battlewagons with the faulty intelligence of 26 knots top speed.

    The North Carolinas and South Dakotas were definitely slower than these ships with their top speed of 27 knots. Anyway, at the battleship night action (14-15 November 1942), A North Carolina, USS Washington managed to decommission (sink) a Kongo, IJN Kirishima with her Mark-4 radar control radar systems. But the bottomline is, USA designed these 6 battlewagons with a faulty assumption and thanks to the Savo Sound’ s geography, the duels of the battleships did not depend on the top speed cruises.

    My point is, may be it is good to keep things classified, but I am itching to know what ships will recieve the Smart-S Mk-2 radars, can’t help it :-). May be this will be a wrong statement but SM-1 is much more strategical tool than ESSM and all 8 remaining Smart-S Mk2′ s must be installed to the Perries. Until TF-2000s are commissioned, we need what we can get from our 8 Perries.

    Off course my comments are based on the assumption that Smart-S Mk2 radar will improve SM-1′ s effective range. I have found this page of SSM where all remaining 8 Smart-S Mk2 radars are planned to be installed on 8 Perries.


    I hope, this plan is not changed and we will have 8 magnificent air defence platforms.

    • I do not agree that SM_1 is much more strategical than ESSM. SM-1 is getting obsolete with each passing day, while ESSM is the future more or less.

  3. Mehmet Kale says:

    Thanks for your informative comments.

    When Barbaros class frigates get the new Smart-S Mk2 radars, their AWS-9 3-D air searc radars will be dismantled. Would it be a good idea if I propose installing Barbaros Class’ AWS-9 3-D airsearch radars on the F490, F491, F492, F493? Off course I am making this proposition under the condition that installing these dismantled radars on the no-ESSM Perries will not be costly.

    • Mehmet Kale says:

      I am sorry if I have flooded this post with questions.

      Current Perry radar AN/SPS-49 is a two dimensional radar. When the Barbaros class gets their Smart-S Mk2 3-D air search radars, their current AWS-9 3-D radars will be dismantled. Instead of dumping them, we can use them on the first four member of our Perries. It is true, SM-1 is an old design for a medium range antiaircraft missile. It has a mach 3.5 speed (ESSM has mach 4+). May be we have earlier blocks (III or IV) of RIM-66 which has also lower maximum ceilings(50000 feet) than the known maximum ceiling of ESSMs (59000 feet) . In that case, Smart-S Mk2s must be installed on ESSM capable ships.

      However, still RIM-66s earlier blocks have considerable maximum ceilings of 50000 feet and 46 km range. I think instead of dumping AWS-9s of Barbaros class we can install them on Perries, if it is feasable.

      Which blocks of RIM-66 do we have?

      • May Jane’s says what we have SM-1 MR Block VIB at the moment.

        Putting the AWS-9s from the Barbaros class into the Perries is an interesting idea I must confess. But is it feasible, that is the question.

  4. Mehmet Kale says:

    Let me cite SM-1 MR Block VIB’ s specs from the webpage http://www.alternatewars.com/BBOW/Weapons/US_Standard_Missiles.htm :

    Fuze: Mk 45 Mod 7
    Warhead: Mk 115
    Motor: Mk 56

    Weight:1,100 lbs (499 kg)
    Ceiling: 80,000 ft (24,400 m)
    Range: 25 nm (46 km)

    Notes: Improved Mk 45 fuze for better performance against low-RCS targets.

    Clearly the top ceiling 24400m is higher than known ceiling of ESSM (18000m). Off course RIM66 SM-1 is an old design but I think it is wise to use them as better as we can. And IMO the greatest drawback of F490, F491, F492, F493 Perry’ s is their 2-D air-search radar. Installing AWS-9’s can be costly but 1) The more we practise modernization, the more we gain experience. 2) The more we create modernization programs, the more we create employement. 3) We will have 4 more platforms with 3-D air search radar that has the ability to counter targets in an altitude of 18000-24400m.

    I think, our navy will use the dismantled AWS-9 radars in good areas, because as far as I remember they installed ex-Knox dismantled equipment on TN’s amphibi ships.

    And from the moment of VLS/3-D air radar modernization, I think we have to reclassify the navy as Perry’s to be divided into 2 classes and, Barbaros and Salihreis classes to be merged together into one class:

    Gaziantep Class (4 ships) F490, F491, F492, F493
    32 SM1/8 Harpoons
    AWS-9 air search radar

    Gokceada Class (4 Ships) F494, F495, F496, F497
    8 Harpoons
    32 ESSM on 8-cell Mk41 VLS
    Smart-S Mk2 air search radar

    Barbaros Class (4 Ships) F244, F245, F246, F247
    8 Harpoons
    64 ESSM on 16-cell Mk41 VLS (I assume 16 cell VLS will be installed on F244 and F245)
    Smart-S Mk2 air search radar

    Yavuz Class (4 Ships) F240, F241, F242, F243
    8 Harpoons
    16 SSM

    Heybeliada Class (2 Ships in a short while) F511, F512
    8 Harpoons
    21 RAM
    Smart-S Mk2 air search radar

    And from your website, it is mentioned that all 18 frigates have 2 x 324 mm Mk 32 triple launcher for Mk 46′s. For the foreign visitors’ information, let me mention that actually Turkish Navy has 16 frigates in the Battle Fleet (4xGaziantep class, 4xGokceada class, 4xBarbaros class, 4xYavuz class). The Screen and Patrol Fleet has 6 corvettes at the moment (6xB-class) and the 2xHeybeliada Corvettes will be commissioned soon. Heybeliada class can be considered as a frigate too. And 6 more Heybeliada’ s will be commissioned into the Screen and Patrol Fleet replacing the old B-class.

    Our navy is becoming a formidable fighting unit with her 16 frigate Battle Fleet, 8 Frigate Screen and Patrol Fleet, 16 (6xU214, 8xU209-1400, 2xU209-1200) Submarine Fleet. In 10 years, The Battle Fleet awaits the new TF-2000 AAW platforms (I expect these platforms to push 128-cell Mk-41 VLS capabilities contrary to the many who are awaiting for a 32-64 cell Mk41 VLS heavy frigate). 2x Fast LST, 3xOld LST, 8xFast LCT Amphibious Fleet expects her LHD (the owner of this website presumes this LHD to be the flag ship of the Turkish Navy and I concur).

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