>Bulgaria Is Intending To Send A Warship To Somalia

>I guess, I was a little bit zealous yesterday when I wrote about Bulgarian contribution to the fight against piracy.

At the moment is not clear whether a Bulgarian warship will be sent to the Gulf of Aden or not. Apparently the intent is here but the funding is yet to be found.

According to Rear Admiral Plamen Manoushev, the Bulgarian Navy is contemplating deploying the Druzki (Daring) frigate to the Gulf of Aden in an attempt to boost the international task force currently entrusted with keeping international waters free from pirate attacks.

“We made an assessment of the situation. If the frigate is deployed for a two-month period, then one month of that time would be taken up with the round trip to the Gulf while, for the other month, she would be on active patrol service. This could cost up to six million leva,” he was quoted as saying.

“The issue is the availability of necessary financial resources, and not the readiness of personnel,” the Rear Admiral said.

I do not know the USD value of six million leva on today’s exchange rates but I am ready to bet that is less than what the owners of the UK-flagged ship, Asian Glory, with Bulgarian crew members on board will be paying as ransom.

Sending the Wielingen class frigate 41 Druzki is a better choice that previously reported Smeli. 41 Druzki (ex-BNS Wandelaar), the first frigate Bulgaria has bought, was handed over to the Bulgarian Navy in October 2005.

The photo shows another Wielingen class, frigate 43 Gordi passing through Bosphorus on her maiden journey to Bulgaria.

Druzki is newer, has better communication facilities and better sea keeping performance. More importantly she looks more comfortable on a long voyage. On the other hand Wielingen class frigates lack helicopter capability which is important because helicopters play a pivotal role in rushing to the scene in an emergency.

In many cases the early arrival of armed helicopters prevented pirates to climb up to the merchant ship and capture it. As Bulgarian Navy does not have any ships with helicopter capability, Bulgaria’s their contributions in Gulf of Aden might be limited than other nations.


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