>Trabzon Will Be The Next Naval Base

>General Başbuğ talked about building a naval base in Trabzon, during his visit to this town last week.

The idea of establishing a naval presence in Trabzon was first discussed in public in March 2009. According to YeniÇağ newspaper General Başbuğ mentioned the increasing importance of Trabzon harbor and the need of establishing a permanent naval presence in this town.

The major port of Turkish Navy in Black Sea is Ereğli. Ereğli is located approximately 90 nautical miles east of Bosphorus and is home to the biggest steel plant in Turkey.

This location was very convenient during the Cold War as a forward base against a Soviet Naval attack directed to the Straits. But since the end of the Cold War the center of gravity shited from the Turkish Straits to the Caucaus and Ereğli as a naval base found herself away from the action.

The fact that General Başbuğ mentioned the need for warsahips permanently based in Trabzon, as the commander of Turkish Armed Forces means that it is not just a small talk or a exercise of ideas. It means that geostratic importance of Trbazon and East Black Sea region is increasing.

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