>General Başbuğ On Board TCG Oruçreis


Today, Chief of the Turkish General Staff, General İlker Başbuğ held a press conference on board of Turkish frigate F-245 TCG Oruçreis, in Trabzon.

This was a highly unorthadox event. And first press conference held on a flight deck of a frigate.

This was a highly unorthodox event. And first press conference held on a flight deck of a frigate. According to General Başbuğ, he has especially chosen the frigate to deliver his speech.

Finally, as I have explained on various occasions, I would like to talk about certain aspects of the ongoing asymmetric psychological operations, against the Turkish Armed Forces. Today, it has a special meaning, if I am mentioning these issues, particularly on board of TCG Oruçreis. Probably everyone clearly understands what I mean. See, the geography of Turkey, is a difficult geography, and our country is surrounded by problems. A state that is not strong enough cannot survive in this geography. One of the essential elements of national power is military power. An effective and deterrent armed forces are vital and directly related to the to the country’s survivability.

There will be a lot of political discussion in the aftermath.

The full text of General Başbuğ’s spech is here. And here is a video.

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