>US-Build Radar Station On The Coast of Georgia,Will Open In 2010

>According to defencetalk website a coastal radar station will open in Georgia in January 2010. This station is last of the three radar stations funded and builds by USA through, US Army Corps of Engineers.

“The radar stations are important because they permit the Georgian Coast Guard to monitor Georgia’s maritime borders and identify vessels entering and exiting Georgian territorial waters,” said James Kelly, chief of party for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Georgia Border Security and Law Enforcement assistance program

The stations, from south to north are located in Gonio near the Turkish border, in Chakvi, half-way up the Black Sea coast of Georgia and Anaklia, in the northern coastal area.

The cost of the three radar stations runs up to $1.500.000,-

This the photo of Anaklia radar station, located near the border with Russian-occupied Abkhazia from US Army official web page.

The radar seems to be a commercial maritime search radar.


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